Leather Club Ball


The Tournament is a premium quality four-piece ball made from superior quality alum tanned leather chosen from the top grade hide Water-Proofed, High quality centre construction encased with layers of top quality Portuguese cork wound with 100% wool.

  • Naturally seasoned inner core
  • Good abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention
  • Hand Sewn Pure Leather Ball
  • Box contents: 6 balls


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White Leather Club Ball: The DGE Club White is a high quality four-piece cricket ball made from high quality alum tanned leather. Finest quality cricket ball designed for club matches, cricket school matches tournaments and coaching, excellent ball to last for long. Top grade material made ball with strong core, which made from cork to maintain the hardness of ball.

White Leather Club Ball

The DGE Club Cricket Ball is constructed of high-quality Alum Tanned leather that has been treated. It is stitched with a strong thread that results in a great seam location. The leather on the SG Club Cricket ball is Alum Tanned, which ensures that the leather is properly seasoned for maximum performance. This cricket ball is a four-piece construction cricket ball with 62-64 fine grade threads that keep the ball in great shape for long-term use. Inside the ball is a naturally seasoned cork ball that will provide you with the optimal bounce.

Product Description:

  • Water-proofed
  • Material: Leather
  • Colour: White/Red/Pink
  • Performance Durability : 20-30 over
  • Box Content : 1 Ball. weight 155-160 gram. (not necessary)
  • Solid one piece grade 2 core
  • Naturally seasoned inner core
  • In-Box Contents: 6 Cricket Balls
  • Stock: Free Delivery in India and Include of all taxes International Shipping Available


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