Leather Tournament Ball


The Tournament is a premium quality four-piece ball made from superior quality alum tanned leather chosen from the top grade hide Water-Proofed, High quality centre construction encased with layers of top quality Portuguese cork wound with 100% wool.

  • Naturally seasoned inner core
  • Good abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention
  • Hand Sewn Pure Leather Ball
  • Box contents: 6 balls


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Pink Leather Tournament Ball : Cricket lovers, don’t miss this! The TOURNAMENT Cricket Ball is made from premium tanned leather cover and has high pronounced, hand-stitched seam giving it an ideal grip. With even bounce, this four-panel ball is ideal for club cricket. It is engineered for shape retention with five layers of wooden yarn, strengthened cork and rubber core This weather obstructive cricket ball is highly durable, bounce tested and gives reliable impact . It stands for the importance of a regular fitness regime essential to lead a fit and healthy life.

Pink Leather Tournament Ball

The pink leather tournament ball is a premium quality four-piece ball made from superior quality alum tanned leather chosen from the top grade hide.
Leather Quality : Grade A++
Performance Durability : 30-45 over Tournament Level
Colour : Red
Country Of Origin : India
Made from top quality material & Long lasting durability

Internal Stitching Determines the Type of Cricket Ball:

The inside stitching of leather cricket balls divides them into two sorts. Internal stitching firmly secures the leather cut piece in place, ensuring that it maintains its shape and provides long-lasting performance. These Leather balls can be divided into two varieties based on their inside stitching:

  • Leather Ball with Two Pieces
  • Leather Ball with Four Pieces


Two Piece Cricket Ball :

Two Piece Cricket Balls are produced by stitching two leather pieces together using durable thread to create a precise form cricket ball. In comparison to a four-piece arrangement, the ball becomes more rigid and gives a harsh performance in a two-piece configuration. Two-piece balls are suitable for beginner cricket players and are cost-effective to use.

Four-Piece cricket ball:

Four leather pieces are stitched together using high-quality and durable thread to form a four-piece cricket ball. Three different forms of stitching are used in the four-piece leather ball. To attach the four leather pieces, two rough stitches with thick thread were used (To make two separate half leather circles parts). To link the two half leather circles and the cork ball assembly, one final stitching is required. Leather balls have a long life expectancy due to their unique design, and their spin and swing assist players in dominating the game.


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